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2016 PPOC-AT Image Salon Results

Every year, as a kind of testing ground for our National Image Salon, I enter images into Ontario’s competition as well as at least one other province. And while I was very happy with my Ontario results (2 Accepted and 1 Merit) these Atlantic results had me over the moon with 1 Accepted, 2 Merits, and my very first Excellence!!!

La Grenouille – quite possibly the most unimaginative way to name something since that one time I named my cat Neko (aka Cat in Japanese). Also an image I never thought much of until it was questioned by a freind/fellow photographer why I hadn’t entered it in salon before. Apparently they were right!

Le Grenouille by Melissa Woodward


Pollack’s Arrowheads – my take on Monet’s Waterlillies

Pollack's Arrowheads by Melissa Woodward


Fade Away – Taken 4 or 5 years ago, I’ve always loved this image, so I finally got around to working on it some more and it seems to have paid off!
(Also, my only Pearl Jam lyric reference this year… it’s getting harder and harder to fit them in )

Fade Away by Melissa Woodward


Full Spectrum – pretty much just playing around with warping tools in photoshop.

Full Spectrum by Melissa Woodward


Nature Accreditation with the PPOC

Today I received the fantastic news that I earned my Nature Accreditation. This 4th Accreditation since I joined the PPOC in 2012!

Press Release

The Professional Photographers of Canada is pleased to announce that:

Melissa Woodward CPA ,
has just earned an accreditation in Nature, at our Accreditation judging in London, ON. Accreditation is the first elevation above the general membership level, and is achieved by submitting samples of the applicant’s photography to a PPOC Board of Review for Accreditation. Accreditation demonstrates that the photographer is capable of delivering above average quality photography in a chosen category.

In assessing Accreditation Submissions, the judges will consider the following criteria: Impact, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Centre of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Image file quality, Technique and Story Telling.

Along with other service and print merits, a minimum of one Accreditation is required to qualify for a Craftsman of Photographic Arts and two accreditations are needed for a Master of Photographic Arts.

For more information, please contact:

Brian Lee, HLM, MPA, SPA, Cr. Photog
Brian Lee Photography
183 Windsor Avenue
London, ON
N6C 2A3

Tanya Thompson
PPOC Executive Director
T: (888) 643-PPOC (7762)
F: (519) 537-5573


I look at the accreditation process as a way to challenge myself while still doing what I love. It can be easy to just “go with the flow” and keep where you’re at skill wise. Submitting for accreditation and image competitions is my way of keeping on top of my skill set and trying to be better than I was the day/week/month/year before.

Here are the 10 images that I submitted to the Nature category. A couple of these I started saving and working on last summer, the rest were all taken within the last month.

PPOC Nature Accreditation 001

PPOC Nature Accreditation 002

PPOC Nature Accreditation 003

PPOC Nature Accreditation 004

PPOC Nature Accreditation 005

PPOC Nature Accreditation 006

PPOC Nature Accreditation 007

PPOC Nature Accreditation 008

PPOC Nature Accreditation 009

PPOC Nature Accreditation 010


Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park

My family and I love going to Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park up here in Northern Ontario. And, of course, I usually always bring my camera gear with me too!

This weekends adventure had me sitting in the mud with my camera mere milometers above the water to photograph a frog…

Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park - Frog Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park - Frog Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park - Frog Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park - Frog Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park - Frog

Chasing Dragonflies…
Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park - Dragonfly Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park - Dragonfly

And heading up to the look out to take an 18 image panoramic of the park…
Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park - view from look out


Canada Day Fireworks










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